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Our mission is to elevate your quality of life, and source the highest quality mushrooms that maintain their healing capabilities by only picking and processing with respect to their natural healing capabilities, meaning that you’ll get the most out of them with an affordable price point!

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Yes, all orders are shipped by registered postal. We provide every customer the order number and the details on how to track your order, but we also regularly contact our clients and update them with the status of their order.

Amanita muscaria helps the stay-at-home-mom, the corporate workaholic, and the student live a happier, healthier life using nature’s most potent ingredients

United States

In the United States, Amanita Muscaria isn't federally listed under the Controlled Substances Act, thus it's technically legal at a national level [1]. However, state-level laws may vary. For instance, a dispensary in Florida legally sells these mushrooms, indicating that it's permissible in certain jurisdictions [1]. Still, states like Louisiana have laws against hallucinogenic substances, which could potentially include Amanita Muscaria [3].


In Europe, the legal status of Amanita Muscaria varies by country. It isn't typically regulated but in the United Kingdom, it's considered a Class A drug when prepared for ingestion [3]. In Germany and the Netherlands, it's legal to possess, buy, and sell [3].


The legality of Amanita Muscaria in Asia is complex due to diverse drug laws across countries. In Japan, there's no specific legislation against it [3]. However, in countries like Malaysia and Singapore, known for their strict drug laws, possession of these mushrooms could potentially be penalized [3].

Despite the legal ambiguities, remember that Amanita Muscaria is a potent hallucinogen and can be highly poisonous [2]. Always check your local laws and consult with a healthcare provider before considering its use due to potential health risks [2].

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Yes, Amanita Muscaria, also known as the fly agaric mushroom, is known for its psychedelic properties. This unique mushroom, recognized by its bright red cap and white spots, contains psychoactive ingredients, specifically muscimol and ibotenic acid, that give it hallucinogenic effects. However, it's important to note that while it does have psychedelic properties, it is also highly toxic. Consumption in large quantities can be fatal, and even in smaller amounts, it can cause severe reactions if eaten raw[1][2][3].References:[1] Amanita Muscaria: A Poisonous, Hallucinogenic, Edible ...[2] A Beginner's Guide to Amanita muscaria Mushrooms[3] What's the Deal with Amanita Muscaria?